About Us

Step-By-Step-Story is the first mobile app for PrezHerm Productions; a group of creative people who love gaming, socialising and writing!

You know how you feel when you’re reading a story you can’t put down?
Step-By-Step-Story is about how you feel when you’re writing a story you can’t put down!

Collaborative storytelling is nothing new – in fact, the idea for the app was borne of a collaborative story I wrote with a friend back in High School. What started out as a bit of nerdy teenage fun ended up becoming an epic tale that filled 4 exercise books and took us 3 years. We each became swept away with where the story was taking us – we just didn’t want it to end.

We want the Step-By-Step-Story app to give friends a way to experience all the fun, creativity and hilarity of the collaborative story-writing experience, wherever they are.

When you open the creative writing process up to a second person, you can be amazed at the twists, turns and tangents your story can take. This is a case where two heads really are better than one.

We love writing, and we love writing with friends. We guess you’re here because you do too.

We hope you enjoy Step-By-Step-Story, and if you have any questions, comments or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@step-by-step-story.com

Now get to it – those stories aren’t going write themselves, you know!

Happy writing,

Stephen Hall & Tim Presland
PrezHerm Productions