What is Step-By-Step-Story?

Step-By-Step-Story is a collaborative story-writing app for iPhones and iPads, which allows you to co-write stories with friends, turn by turn, one section at a time.

Why is it only available in iOS? Why can’t I get it in Android?

As new app developers, our philosophy here has been “let’s walk before we run”. It was always PrezHerm Productions’ strategy to start the app small with a ‘bare bones’ version, and expand later on, if and when the demand calls for it. In the beginning, we just wanted to keep the development of the app as simple (and let’s be honest, as affordable) as possible. Having an Android version of the app coded, as well as the iOS version, would have cost us a big chunk of change that we just didn’t have at the time.

Hopefully, demand for the app will be strong enough to enable us to do Version 2.0, and at that time we also plan to release an Android version… so please keep spreading the word!

How many stories can I have going at one time?

As many as you like! The Step-By-Step-Story app is capable of allowing an unlimited number of stories to be running at the same time.

How long do my completed stories stay on the server?

Indefinitely! Completed stories will be stored on the ‘Stories Library’ section of www.step-by-step-story.com for as long as possible.

How can I search for and add friends?

You can search for them using Facebook, Twitter, your iPhone’s contact list, or you can search for them by their Step-By-Step-Story username.

What if I’ve forgotten my Step-By-Step-Story password?

Simple – just tap the app’s FORGOT PASSWORD button, and we’ll automatically send a new one to the email address you’ve given us. Then you’ll be able to log in with the new password right away.  Once you’re in, you can change your password to whatever you like, on the app’s SETTINGS page.

Why can’t I read other peoples’ stories in the ‘Stories Library’ section of the site?

We weren’t sure that you’d want to, so we began with our “only-read-your-own-stories” model. But the ability to publish your stories to the site – and therefore the wider world – is something that we’re definitely looking at, as we move forward. So, watch this space…