Step-By-Step-Story FOR KIDS!

Here at Step-By-Step-Story, we’re excited about the educational possibilities our app has for kids and young people. We hope that the app will be a fun and engaging way for players of all ages to improve their writing, reading and creative skills.

But in the interests of online safety, when using the app with children and young people, there are some very strong recommendations we’d like to make;

1) Children should always be supervised by a trusted adult when using Step-By-Step-Story.

2) As a rule, children and young people should NEVER accept an invitation to co-write a story from someone they don’t know.

3) When choosing a photo for their Step-By-Step-Story player profile, in the interest of protecting their online privacy, we strongly recommend that children and young people do NOT use a picture of themselves. Instead maybe choose a favourite character, animal… or pet!

Here at PrezHerm Productions, we care about your online safety. We make the above recommendations in the hope of ensuring that playing Step-By-Step-Story is a fun, creative and safe experience for everyone!

If you have any questions, queries or comments, we welcome them, as always, at info@step-by-step-story.